Just Got My Just Superstol Kit

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Just Got My Just Superstol Kit

Post by CanadianSheepHunter »

Hi everyone, I recently purchased a Superstol kit and plan to work on it steady and lots on my days off. I live in Dawson Creek, BC, Canada. I will use it mostly on wheels, but want to get floats for it as well. If anyone has a Superstol on floats let me know, I haven't searched the site yet to see what comes up for Superstol on floats. I know there is one in Siberia on Full Lottus floats, and ive used Full Lottus on my Chinook. If there is any Superstol owners/builders in Alberta or BC let me know. Thanks and happy flying all.
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Re: Just Got My Just Superstol Kit

Post by Keetmchubbs »

There’s a guy on the coast of Labrador that got floats on a highlander
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