Tailwind or Buttercup?

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Tailwind or Buttercup?

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I'm interested in finding out what I can about the W-5 and W-8. I have read a dozen or so articles online. I have ridden in the right seat of a light, 630 lbs empty IIRC, W-8 with a C-85, and squared off tips. It has also been suggested that the W-5 might be a better fit for my intended goal of building an airplane without an electrical system and flying it daytime VFR outside rule airspace into semi-rough grass and dirt strips.

It was suggested that I list my "givens and druthers," so here is a preliminary list:

c-85 / c-90 / o-200, wood prop, 30" straight pipes w/ muffs for carb and cabin heat
3" Alt, ASI. 2" whisky, temp, psi, egt, cht. Rectangular electronic tach w/ hours. Sight gauge for bottom half of tank.
bowden tube carb and muff controls, "Y" stick, dual rudder pedals
aluminum floor which is also fuselage bottom panel
100% polycarbonate or other transparent "patrol" doors (concerned acrylic might be to brittle)
woven aluminum seats, 4 point harnesses
aluminum baggage with net (and I suppose I have to have an ELT)
Waxable single high visibility color finish (yellow a leading candidate)

I have come here to educate myself and I am pretty certain that I have the least experience of any of the potential participants in this thread. All the airplanes that I have built to date were made of balsa and my certificate is probably still warm from being printed. So however incorectly worded my questions are requests for information.

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Re: Tailwind or Buttercup?

Post by planecrazzzy »

Look in the Wittman section... you'll find a Buttwind.... errr Buttercup / Tailwind mix
It's a good plane for the custom job you're looking to build

and the building log is easy to look through

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