ROTEC Pricing and other info?

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ROTEC Pricing and other info?

Post by Sean_Caranna »

I have looked all over the web site and can't find any price info for the engine. Also what types of aircraft other than Taylorcraft and RidgeRunner would this engine be sutiable for?
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Post by Johnny luvs Biplanes »

Over here in England the engine costs as much as a 912 Rotax.
So far I know of one flying in a Kit Fox, it looks stunning!
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Post by Bushwhacker Air »

We are currnently working on several applications - including Taylorcraft and Piper PA-11 thru 18.

The cost is $12,500 plus shipping - about $1000-1500 airfrieght.

The engine comes with carb, stub exhaust, alternator, mags, and the engine side of the motor mounts.

It's a beauty - we can't wait to be flying it!
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Re: ROTEC Pricing and other info?

Post by jeffreydominic »

Radial "round sound" for your W.A.R. bird, this 7 cylinder 110 horsepower radial is in production.
4 Stroke seven cylinder radial - 80mm bore/stroke
Compression ratio - 8.5:1
Balanced and Blueprinted
Heavy Duty type roller rockers & Roller lifters, 2 valve p/head
Hemispherical combustion chamber
Direct Drive forced air induction & distribution impeller
3:2 planetary propeller speed reduction unit (PSRU)
Fully machined solid bronze bushings all oil pressure fed
Stainless steel pushrod tubes.
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