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I can not hear my own voice, through my headset

PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:45 am
by rkleim
When talking to a passenger or ATC I can not hear my own voice through my headset, but they can hear me fine and I can hear them. This is very annoying as I cant tell if Im talking loud enough since I can not hear myself talking. I have experienced this in other peoples airplanes and generally old ratty headsets over the years. I always thought it was the old headsets, but now Im flying a plane for the summer and have tried multiple brand new headsets and nothing improves. I don't think its a function of the headset. I have searched and found nothing on this forum or on the internet where someone is having the same problem, which is odd because I have experienced it a few times, but never concerned me since it wasnt my plane or headset. Does anyone have any ideas?