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Cleco Dept

PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 8:13 am
by planecrazzzy
Yeah I bought the board , tried to make it work ...Oh , they LOOKED nice , all in their little rows .
Most of the time the board requires two hands , unless it doesn't matter about scratching something up.
You CAN shake one off the board.
I found these coffee containers have a good plastic for several things like big washers ...(TIDE containers too)
I use them for dog & cat treats too...recycle/reuse

Anywho, They found their way into my TOOL category when I bought a few extra clecos .
It got me thinking ...
The board has been empty for years .
I can grab the container , give it a shake and put it down...having 1,2,3 clecos....WITH ONE HAND .
Setting the plastic container down on things doesn't scratch it's a soft plastic .
So after I got my Fancy SHORT clecos...I didn't want Another container .
As you can see, Each container holds the drill size for that cleco.... shorties just piggyback
The plastic is thick enough for a good grip.
Then there's the oddball size I bought .... 3/16 ...Brass color
I put them on the back side of 1/8...

If I want to"fudge/Move"a hole ...(before Drilling the hole )
I can move it by using the next size might help
I didn't NEED any of the new clecos I bought ... but I was buying some rivets , saw the shorties and remembered times I could have used them .
Gotta Fly...
PS...They even hold the cleco grippers ...handy