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Postby planecrazzzy » Sat Sep 19, 2020 8:13 am

Yeah I bought the board , tried to make it work ...Oh , they LOOKED nice , all in their little rows .
Most of the time the board requires two hands , unless it doesn't matter about scratching something up.
You CAN shake one off the board.
I found these coffee containers have a good plastic for several things like big washers ...(TIDE containers too)
I use them for dog & cat treats too...recycle/reuse

Anywho, They found their way into my TOOL category when I bought a few extra clecos .
It got me thinking ...
The board has been empty for years .
I can grab the container , give it a shake and put it down...having 1,2,3 clecos....WITH ONE HAND .
Setting the plastic container down on things doesn't scratch it's a soft plastic .
So after I got my Fancy SHORT clecos...I didn't want Another container .
As you can see, Each container holds the drill size for that cleco.... shorties just piggyback
The plastic is thick enough for a good grip.
Then there's the oddball size I bought .... 3/16 ...Brass color
I put them on the back side of 1/8...

If I want to"fudge/Move"a hole ...(before Drilling the hole )
I can move it by using the next size might help
I didn't NEED any of the new clecos I bought ... but I was buying some rivets , saw the shorties and remembered times I could have used them .
Gotta Fly...
PS...They even hold the cleco grippers ...handy
Cleco Holders  (3).JPG
Cleco Holders  (2).JPG
Cleco Holders  (1).JPG
Sometimes you just have to take the leap
and build your wings on the way down...
                Gotta Fly...
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