Buyer Beware!

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Buyer Beware!

Postby Goldendog » Tue Feb 23, 2016 8:36 am

If you are in the market for a new hangar door, and are considering a Hydroswing, please read on! At first glance, the company looks very professional, with a nice looking web site that will impress you, but you’ll be lucky if you ever receive your door, let alone get your money back.
We ordered a door for our new hangar house last January, and were told it would take about 6 weeks to receive it once it went into production. Our builder paid the total amount, including $2000 for installation the last part of March in order to start production. We should have received the door and hydraulic parts (ordered from a separate vendor by Hydroswing) in six weeks, according to Hydroswing.
When we hadn't gotten the door or hydraulic parts by June, we started making phone calls to our sales manager, most of which were not returned. We expressed our concern that the company might be going out of business, but were told that production had been held up due to bad weather in Mexico, where the door frame is manufactured. After more correspondence and excuses, we finally got the door frame in July, but we still have not received the hydraulic parts. All we have gotten are a lot of excuses, and frustration for our $15,000 (including the $2000 for installation, which of course never happened). Reports to the Better Business Bureau and letters from our lawyer have only gotten us more lies.
In order to finish our house so we could move in, we found another company that makes a hydraulic door. We, of course, had to pay for another door, new mechanical engineering on our hangar, extra shipping to get it here quickly, and extra for installation in order to retrofit our door opening to the new door.
This is a brief summery and does not include the frustration and details of our hassles with this totally disreputable company! At this point, we feel we will not be able to regain the money we have lost, so we decided to do what we can to keep this from happening to others in similar situations. Take our advise. Avoid the frustration and loss of time and money, and find another company to supply your hangar door!
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