100 HP Attitude Adjustment

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100 HP Attitude Adjustment

Postby Sean_Caranna » Sun Jan 11, 2009 12:48 am

Had one of those days at work Friday, Angry customers yelling on one end and developers who should be helping make things better actually making things worse. By the end of the day I was just ready to go home and kick my beloved wife and dog.

I was taking a friend for his first GA ride ever on Sat and since it might go until after dark I needed to go take care of my night currency. The airport is already on my route home from the office so I pull up to the field and make my way to Susie Q.

The closer I got to the plane the less I thought about the abuse I took at work today and by the end of the walk around all thoughts of it had been replaced with the task at hand.

With everything set to go I taxied to the runway and started to notice how nice this clear cool night with a bright moon above really is.

I make full power, rotate and a few minutes later I'm heading north up to coast to get some landings in at Flagler County.
As I get closer to the field and click up the lights I realize that the funny feeling on my face is the smile that has finally developed.

I few full stop landings and I'm off again toward the beach. Now just marveling at beauty of the boat lights and the glow of the moon reflecting off the Atlantic. I did a few steep turns and even stepped on the rudder a few times just to wag my tail.

Then back to Daytona for a squeaker landing and put Susie Q to bed.

When I got home I scratched the dog on the belly and told my wife I love her. When she asked how my day was, I could now honestly answer that it was a great day.
Sean Caranna
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