IO-520-K Oil Leak - Lean Misfire

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IO-520-K Oil Leak - Lean Misfire

Postby todoviking » Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:50 pm

When taxiing I usually lean the mixture out enough on this fuel injected engine to keep the plugs from fouling, but in this case I accidentally forgot to put it back full rich before I added a lot of power to do a sharp turn in front of my hangar. The result was a loud lean mis-fire. I am now noticing after this last 3 hour flight oil dripping from the bottom of the oil pan, with some on the ground. The engine sounded fine after the misfire but I am afraid I have damaged something. I am going out tonight to take the cowling off to see where exactly all this oil is coming from (its down about 2 qts from where we started at 10 on this 3 hour flight). I am hoping the leaking oil is just something loose and a leak that developed and not some major I damaged by this misfire.

Any thoughts on this appreciated. Been about 980 smoh.
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