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Engine condition determination - lycoming

Postby Ericklee » Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:56 pm

I've got two 0-235C (C1b, C2C) engines. One, I bought off an airboat with prop, clean oil in it and it turned right over but didn't start. I got everything with it, except the battery for less than the cost of a single cylinder from superior.
The other one, I pad three times as much for, but it arrived dry of oil, having been in storage I was told since 2002. There's a story, but who knows the truth. The logs were all missing, except for twenty years of logs of the second one, which does no good at all since they end in the 1980s.

I'm trying to establish condition using a cheap, but seeimingly useful borescope. I haven't tried differential compressions yet as a dry engine isn't likely to fair well anyway. see the ling below for borescope pictures of the internal parts of the cylinders. I am hoping someone can assess what is shown here in terms of condition of the valves, seats, pistons, walls and whatever they can see that might help me to know if anything is good here, or it needs overhauled. I am going to attempt to to as much as I can myself and will get an A&P to "help" if it gets too iffy. This is experimental, of course.

https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMIinE8CCn4__tD9De80hH2PZtEkz5JqDa0RiwcjZFqbrd4pYtd63mh_a-iode0-A?key=MnVKMEFCY1prcXhSRnpPcGtDdk51TFVtbVRWSVJn .

thanks for any thoughts. Do I pull a jug or two. I'm reading Mike Bush's books on engines. His new one is very educational, but only talks about the evils of rust and not should you pull an engine apart if its been sitting. I hesitate to pull apart an engine that could be good, for worry of causing repair induced failure, but if its likely got rusted, pitted cams and tappets, I'm going to have to pull at least one cylinder to inspect. I'd just like to know what I'm looking at with my borescope, other than.. that's an intake valve, that's an exhaust valve, etc.... I have no idea when this was drained of oil. The other one I bought has clean oil in it, but looks like crap on the outside, from sitting on an airboat.

Thanks for any thoughts that help me with my project.
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