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Re: AV8R Paul’s SuperSTOL XL

Postby AV8R Paul » Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:31 pm

I went flying today to test it, and I would say it made one hell of an improvement. It use to take a 1, and, 2, and 3, and then it would pick up the tail. I started my T/O roll, put stick to neutral, and pushed forward, counted 1, and, then it picked up the tail. It actually startled me it went so fast.

Originally we put the VGs about 1 inch in front of the hinge centerline. In reading the STOLspeed instructions they said 4 inches. As and engineer it makes sense. With the stick neutral, it allow the airflow to affix to the top of the airfoil, as you deflect the elevators it should adhere to elevator better as deflected. With the VGs closer to the hinge point, once you deflect from neutral the hinge point will create turbulence. We will see.

In cruise it definitely flys with the tail up. To me it feels definitely tail high. I was really stoke about the change.

You can definitely tell a difference in the responsiveness of the elevator in climb versus decent.

First thing I plan to do is to move the Lower Horizontal Stabilizer VGs further forward. They are currently about 1.5 inches in front of the hinge gap. I want to move them to 4 inches in front of the hinge gap to the leading edge of the VG. Just like I did on the Top.

After I get that done, and tested. I will then add some Gap Seal Tape to the top & Bottom of the Horizontal/Rudder hinge interface.

mac wrote:Paul - Have you had a chance to fly with this new VG arrangement yet? Interested in results!
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