Horz. stab.

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Horz. stab.

Postby heycow2 » Mon Apr 23, 2007 11:51 pm

Just finished covering the horz stab today with AFS waterbase fabric  glue. What a dream to work with. Check it out on Stewart Systems. With waterbase glue don't need to worry about MEK melting the foam and no smelling solvents and clean with water. I will also use carbon based UV fabric filler from AFS. The carbon UV fabric filler/primer is lighter than Stits and protects as good or better than Stits silver. Should have the vert. stab. and rudder and elev. done Wed. FRiday will be the start of the wings. Lot's todo and a short time to do it.
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Postby tugs » Sun Oct 07, 2007 2:59 am

Dear Sir

I am pleased to wrighting this mail.My name is Tugsuu from Mongolia.I am RC flier for flying over 10 years.
I bought a affordaplane plan a few days ago and I am gonna start to build it.However I built model airplanes for many years,But I have no experience about building a real airplane.If you have expierence about homebuilt airplane specially affordaplane please give me some advise.

Best Regards
Briefly I like airplane and helicopter.I bought one affordaplane plane.I am gonna start to build my own plane soon.
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