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Postby nyweb » Sat Dec 03, 2005 12:04 am

Just got my plans. Has anybody got one finished? I'm mostly interested in the motor. I like the idea of the 447. It's pretty reliable from what I hear. I just don't like the looks of a motor sticking up out of the cowling.
Any ideas?
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Postby Superjon78 » Mon Feb 25, 2008 12:23 am

I have not physically started building my Aplane yet but I have been working on my plans to have a good idea of exactly how I plan on doing everything. I have chosen to use an engine out of an late model snowmobile.  I have been looking for one from a '07 or '08 Yamaha Phazer because it is 4 stroke which means more reliability. It's also fuel injected which translates into me not having to worry about fuel mixture (one less thing for me to worry with while flying!). That engine weighs only 64lbs. and puts out an amazing 80+ h.p. at 11,000 r.p.m.'s.  I plan on turning the engine about 8,000 so that it is not running at 100% all the time. I then plan on reducing the engine output speed via a belt drive assembly. The belt drive idea gives me two valuable benefits. First, using a belt drive reduces vibrations from propeller into the frame and powerplant. Second, beltdrives are easily (and affordably) adjustable.  Yes.  They may require more mainenance, but they are easily inspectable on each preflight which means MORE SAFETY to me.

To adress your concern, I plan on suspending my engine below my prop shaft line.  I believe the aircraft will be a little more stable with the weight of the motor slung lower.  I plan on keeping the engine in its conventional "right side up" orientation.  I will do this by building an engine frame from aluminum and getting the guys at my local metal shop to help me with all the metal work. I believe I will be able to keep the engine in a relatively close mounting location so that I can still build a decent looking nacelle (engine cowling) around the front end. I also believe I will be able to put two very useful engine struts in place by using this engine mounting technique and gain a much increased (and highly valuable) level of rigidity to my powerplant assembly.

Take a look at this guys setup.  His design is what gave me the ideas for my setup...

copy and paist that to your web adress bar.  His work is quite intriguing.
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